The One…

Two little words. Two words only uttered when the feeling is absolutely right. Two words that mean something so personal to the speaker and yet when you hear them, you know exactly what they mean.

Just two little words…

We go through our lives with various incarnations of ‘the one’.

The one teddy bear we couldn’t live without, our first pet and true best friend, the one we fall desperately in love with (OK so there may be a few ‘the ones’ here)….

We know in our hearts that these are truly personal ‘the one’ moments we will always cherish… personal moments we may choose not to share with others but are important all the same.

There is one place however that these two little words become universal language, an eager question, a definitive statement, a declaration of pure joy… That’s when we find the dress we want to get married in… That’s when we find ‘The One’.

Just two little words…


As a little girl I was obsessed with big dresses. Not necessarily wedding dresses as such, but anything that could have been at home on a Disney film was A OK to me. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone there either. In fact I don’t think it would be too controversial to say almost all little girls are obsessed with Princess dresses or weddings or dressing up in general. I’m going to put this out there; with no actual scientific fact backing it up…It’s in our DNA.

I however was a bit of a tomboy, so it could have been a surprised to those who new me as a child. I was into sports, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and loved Jean Claude Van Damme. In fact I’d take Bloodsport over Cinderella any day. But I was also creative and I admired the beauty of these fantasy characters and how their clothes transformed their wearer from ordinary to magical with the slightest wave of a wand.

I started designing dresses as soon as I could draw… The other women in my life (Mum and Nanna) were both great artists and would draw me hundreds of templates of ladies (sans clothes) to use in my designs. I even set up a fashion studio in my loft after I saved up enough pocket money to buy ‘Fashion Wheel’. I think it was a second hand one from a car boot but man did I love that thing! As did the mice in my loft who made a home in the boxes of paper I had used designing my ‘collections’.

Reading all this you could be forgiven for assuming this is leading up to me telling you this blog is all about my designs, my own collections and work. But its not.

I never did end up a fashion designer. In fact I didn’t even try. I’ve continued to draw, I studied art, I took a creative degree but sport always took priority and in the end the lure of an exciting, high-powered job in Advertising won me over. (Oh how funny that is to say now… knowing what a high-powered job in Advertising actually means)

So here I am, 31 yrs. on and still the same girl dreaming about wedding dresses. Only now I am putting the day dreaming to some use.

I found my ‘The One’ 3 yrs. ago when I married my husband in an off the shelf Maggie Sottero dress I had altered with some Jenny Packham elements. The feeling when you turn to look in the mirror and something just clicks inside you and you just know… It’s impressive. Even the most indecisive person can experience that definitive moment which kind of knocks you sideways. ‘Can this really be it… have I found ‘The One?’

And that’s pretty much what this is all about. A self-indulgent space for me re-live my childhood fantasy days and to share some of the magic behind the amazing designers and companies that create perfect ‘The One’ moments.



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