Inspired by ITV’s Victoria

One thing I love about catch up TV, the ability to save a load of period dramas and  binge watch whilst my husband is out. It indulges several loves of mine, particularly my love of history and fashion. 

The most recent episode featured Victoria in fancy dress for a Ball thrown for Leopold. In searching for the outfit, which I assume was meant to be Queen Elizabeth, I came across a wonderful design by Eugene Louis Lami for the Stuart’s ball. 

This gorgeous design Is the most glamorous of all Queen Victoria’s surviving clothes, and was inspired by the court of Charles II. The rich brocade of the underskirt was woven in Benares. The lace of the berthe is a copy of seventeenth-century Venetian raised-point needle lace, probably made in Ireland and perhaps acquired at the Great Exhibition. 

It’s this lace that completely won me over. A lace that I am sure the ladies at Kula Tsurdiu would find as inspiring.

I especially like how the pearl detailing sits beneath the lace creating a stunning layer that lifts the lace off the body adding depth. 

I always imagined Queen Victoria only in her mourning period. So many images only ever show her during this time that it is easy to assume she just had a very dull dress sense. Another reason why I love period dramas! The chance to see history brought to life so beautifully.