Bibbity bobbity boo…

Everyone says they knew the minute they found ‘the one’. No, not their husband to be, for some that’s definitely not instantaneous, I’m talking about the perfect wedding dress. 

Many will admit to being so emotional they were brought to tears. To tears?! I am sure to many that seems a little OTT and perhaps even shallow. But finding the dress is about more than pattern and lace. 

Finding the right dress is about discovering a very special and sometimes totally secret version of you. The you, that little girl inside always dreamed you would become. The you that knocks your partner to be off their feet. The you that isn’t afraid to cry over a dress… 

You’ll try on many dresses, some will feel beautiful, some will entice you with their intricate lace work and jewels, some will make you feel very special indeed… But when the right dress and you appear together in the reflection something extraordinary happens. Suddenly the store around you disappears and is replaced by the adoring stares of your family and friends, your makeup and hair transforms before your eyes like your fairy godmother has just waved a magic wand and joyfully chimed ‘bibbity bobbity boo…’ You unknowingly stand on your tippy toes imagining they are adorned in the most spectacular glass slippers… For a moment the world stands still and you forget to breathe…

Yes finding the right dress is way more than shape or form, it’s more than a designer label or price tag, some say it’s the only outfit you will remember wearing your entire life…

Yes finding ‘the one’ is more than pattern or lace… It’s a little bit of magic. 


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